Stewe Cato started his musical career playing the drums in the local Youth Music Corps at the age of 8. For a while he also tried his hand - and lips - at the horn, and he started playing the guitar. 

After a few years break from performing music, he took it up again at age 17, this time in a more serious manner, performing on several regional and local stages, and participating in talent shows.

Cato is a self taught harmonica and guitar player, learning by listening and doing.
Playing the harmonica brought him into the field of blues music. 

He has continued playing a mix of music styles on and off  in several local bands and as a solo artist. Since his thirties mostly turning to his preferred genre - the blues.

The mandolin was added to Cato's instrumental repertoir only a  few years ago. He says that the instruments he now prefers playing, are the resonator mandolin, the dito guitar and the harmonica.

Cato writes his own material - both music and lyrics, in his native tongue Swedish as well as in English.


Some of Cato's first contacts with blues music was by listening to the radio - especially a show called Blueskvarter (Blues Block).

The show featured many of the classical blues musicians that soon became Cato's sources of inspiration:
Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Elmore James to name a few. 
Cato also mentions Johnny Winter as a guitar player, and Kim Wilson's and Little Walter's use of the harmonica as great inspirations to his own way of playing these instruments.

Although clearly influenced by these musicians, Cato has found his own musical style. He emphasizes the importance of improvisation in blues music, and how feelings always must come before rules, no matter if he performs solo or with a band.

Stewe Cato

Born in 1953
Occupation: paper mill worker, blues musician


Stewe Cato was awarded recognition as a Great Blues Artist in the Blues Hall of Fame in 2014

Stewe Cato has performed at several Swedish blues events. Some of them are:

Norrtalje Bluesfestival
Karlskoga Bluesfest
Karlstad Bluesfest
Amal's Bluesfestival
Frovi Bluesfestival


Cato loves the outdoor life, going fly-fishing, photographing or simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the Swedish forests, lakes and rivers.

He also loves painting water color and sketching, and to take  rides on his Harley.